our no bullsh*t policy

The reason we started ‘a.dose.of’ was to share a bit of our everyday lives as well as the most useful (& amazing) products, tips & tricks that we discover along the way (more HERE). 

We actually purchase the things we review, we eat at the restaurants that we post about, we stay at the the hotels we recommend & we foot the bill for all of it.


This is our actual life and we are SHOCKED every time we go someplace and see bloggers and social media users setting up shots at a table or lobby, NOT dining, staying or using the items that they’re posting about, or even worse- when security asks them to leave an establishment for not being an actual paying customer… (prime example, look for our post on: Sketch, London).

SO LET’S BE HONEST- in this blogging/social media world you see #ad more and more, as people are often paid for product placement and reviews. (but hey, at least now we KNOW things are ads!) And for us, it gets a bit annoying when you see a blogger advertising something that you can be pretty darn sure they wouldn’t ever use.

We’re not trying to rain on anyone’s parade, but it’s hard to trust reviews these days when people are motivated by the material & financial incentives.

WE PROMISE YOU that IS NOT going to happen over here! ((We can definitely promise you that)).

We’re all about transparency & no BS when it comes to the places we go, stay, eat and the items we love.

We purchase everything we review ourselves, unless we’ve told you in BOLD PRINT we were given the item for FREE- or discounted- for review. WE ONLY ACCEPT ITEMS FOR FREE IF WE CAN GIVE OUR HONEST OPINION. That is an UPFRONT CONDITION.

And it probably costs us money & turns some brands away, but the best brands are confident in their products and accept that term.

(PS-We don’t buy follows either, so we’re super happy and grateful for every single person who stops by ‘a.dose.of’ and we are so glad you’re here!) 

And EVEN BETTER, with some brands we can give you a discount code from the company should you decide to order something! (Side note: we’ve reviewed items in the past that we purchased ourselves & afterward have had the brand reach out with a discount code on the back end, too.) 

In the spirit of transparency & to follow along with our NO BullSh*t Policy, we want to be perfectly clear, upfront & honest about the items you see on our Amazon Faves page: We think Amazon is an easy way to find things (really, who DOESN’T???) so we’ve linked items here & in doing so, we are participating in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. We participate in select affiliate advertising programs, which means if you click &/or purchase some items on this site or related social media platforms, then A Dose Of may make a commission on that click &/or purchase. We are committed to ONLY linking items we actually use & love. No Bullshit.

Best, N+K