Remember when you were little and your best friend moved away to a new town? Remember how you both were so sad and vowed to be pen pals and promised to visit every summer vacation? Remember how each one of you wore one half of a silver heart, etched with the words BEST FRIENDS? Well this story is exactly that, give or take (actually, GIVE) a few years. When your best friend moves oceans away and you’re both in your twenties (or dare I say, thirties), the sadness sinks in, but eventually so does the realization that you are full-fledged adults with adult income and adult resources at your disposal. The silver BEST FRIENDS¬†heart is replaced with Cartier Love bracelets, you marry her husband’s best friend, she becomes the ‘legal guardian’ to your children should you lose your faculties, you spend an inordinate amount of time planning trips around the globe and the vow to become pen pals manifests into this blog. Please follow us as we share a.dose.of fashion, travel, beauty, home & wellness across cities, countries and continents that we love and occasionally get to explore together.

Best, N+K