why we launched a clean, anti-aging skincare line…


We spent many (frustrating) years searching for ‘The One’

THE perfect, clean, luxe & attainable skincare solutionwe’re talking treks to the French pharmacies; voyages through the fancy department stores; hikes to a bevy of natural health stores; and we sat hopeful in far too many doctors’ offices.  

We grew sick of the chemical filled products that irritated our skin, AND it was ‘concerning’ to see that so many of them were required to carry warning labels about their cancer causing ingredients in the state of California.

We wanted a regimen that actually improved the appearance of our fine lines, but we were no longer willing to risk our lives for it. 

We weren’t completely satisfied with the natural, yet ineffective products either. 

And the prestige luxury products? We were tired of overpaying for them.

Then it hit us: we needed to take matters into our own hands…

We wanted safe AND effective skincare, without the BS. 

We needed a clean, plant based regimen that was filled with as many organic ingredients as possible AND one that would actually make our skin look better, without any irritation. 

We wanted prestige grade luxury inside our bottles. 

And we wanted bottles so gorgeous, they could sit out on the counter. 

Oh, and it had to be at an attainable price point, too. (Our days of paying $200+ for 1 oz. of skincare were over.

We were ready to meet ‘The One’… 

And while we were at it, we figured we might as well get our tweens & teens- and anyone else in ‘The Between’ stages of life (ie. anyone NOT in need of an anti aging formula)- a simply clean & luxurious prestige grade skincare option, chock full of plant based and organic ingredients. See ya later toxins!

So, while we certainly are NOT a celebrity backed or endorsed brand, we ARE a team of self-funded scientist/mom/entrepreneurs who went ‘all-in’ to bring prestige grade luxury to a plant based, toxin free, AMAZING & EFFECTIVE skincare line for our a.dose.of besties, our girls & ourselves. 

We are obsessed with our luxe, attainable, prestige grade skincare lines & we know you will be too. 

You have finally met ‘The One’…

Best, N+K