Our Recent Visit to Fount for Heirloom Quality Luxury Leather Goods!

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The Finley Crossbody with Chain Strap (also comes in a leather strap) HERE

Mistake on the Lake. It’s been decades since they were able to shake that pejorative term, once used to mock a town where pollution & debris caused their Cuyahoga River to catch fire in the 1960’s; where their beloved sports teams rarely won a game, let alone a championship; their steel mill closed; the infamous owner of the Cleveland Browns, Art Modell, relocated their football team to Baltimore in the mid-1990’s; The weather’s always been cold; Cleveland Hopkins Airport never had a million direct flights; and their hometown hero took his talents to South Beach when he broke up with the city on an international stage. Even though the Cleveland Clinic was, is and always has been a world-renowned medical institution, attracting celebrities, dignitaries, crown princes & non-royal families from around the globe- all making pilgrimages for top-tier care, it just couldn’t cast enough good light on its hometown to bolster her reputation.


The Banjo Bag…If K ever gets her hands on this bag in black, it will be the last bag she ever carries! Obsessed! HERE

But Cleveland is as a Clevelander does. The weather doesn’t matter; The flights don’t matter; The city & fans sued to keep the Browns name- and won; Their baseball team just went to the 2016 World Series; Their king came back & secured a championship for the Cavs after a 52-year drought; They’ve attracted other multinational corporations to take the place of the steel giant; Their hometown heroes list actually includes famous chefs, like Michael Symon; actors, like Halle Berry, Monica Potter & the ‘Bad Mom’ herself, Kathryn Hahn; musical acts, like The James Gang, Kid Cudi, Trent Reznor & Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders; and authors, educators, Pulitzer & Nobel Prize winners, like Wes Craven and Toni Morrison (who is all of the above). Cleveland Clinic’s medical prowess has not only expanded, but was even courted by other nations- we’re looking at you, Abu Dhabiand ‘The Land’ now boasts two top-notch healthcare systems, including University Hospitals.

IMG_6283.jpgThe Bellfield Tote Grand. A perfect bag for travel or momming. HERE

Forever in a renaissance period, Cleveland has birthed & bred numerous restaurants, start-up companies and plenty of new entrepreneurs who have all made quite a dent in shaping the future of this historic city & it’s neighborhoods that had at one time been forgotten. The burgeoning makers scene is just one of the many high points in this town’s evolution. The grit & determination of Cleveland’s entrepreneurs was even featured in CNBC’s show “Cleveland Hustles” which to our delight also saw the magic in a business named Fount, (one of our absolute favorites), where heirloom quality, luxury leather goods are made. Started by an enviable & gorgeous couple, Phillip & Jackie Wachter in 2014, this company embodies all that is good in careful & purposeful craftsmanship. You can see & feel the passion put into every cut & stitch. While we hope to snag a spot on one of the design house tours, we loved stopping by unannounced to their Cleveland store and seeing (& feeling) for ourselves all of the gorgeous pieces beautifully displayed. If you ever needed a reason to swing through Cleveland, this is it! 


Couldn’t leave without this little number! Fount also carries (in stores) a well edited selection of mens items & accessories made in America & Fair Trade. HERE

To see more of Fount, find them on social HERE or HERE. And FYI- it’s almost time for their Leather Turbans to come back! We can’t wait!

Best, N+K