a dose of simple master bedroom design

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We’ve shared a few of the ‘a.dose.of’ design projects that we completed (HERE) (HERE) & (HERE) in addition to featuring a couple of lust worthy spaces designed by others (HERE) & (HERE), so today we’re back with a few simple ways to change up your master bedroom space! We were really hands on with this one- literally bathed in paint– giving it the ‘a.dose.of’ treatment.

The overall objectives for this room were: 

  1. to be super comfortable & inviting & romantic if possible
  2. be as bright as possible, maximizing the light 
  3. have creative storage solutions 
  4. utilize or repurpose existing furniture, if possible
  5. be cohesive, but eclectic
  6. allow for the inevitable kid mess that would make it’s way in

*We tried to meet these objectives with mirrors, baskets, a hand painted feature wall & our trusty Annie Sloan Chalk Paint! When in doubt, Chalk Paint! 

Best, N+K


 For the Handpainted Wall:

We love David Hick’s and the iconic hex design wallpaper (HERE), and it was our inspiration in this hand painted feature wall behind the bed. K+ made a stencil, blended custom paint colors & consistencies, and went to town. The overall design of the room is more loose & romantic than the actual Hick’s paper calls for…the David Hicks Hexagon paper is perfection and worthy of a room that is much less ‘homemade’ than this one. (We are not worthy, Mr. Hicks!).







For the Furniture:

The large dresser and night tables were well loved pieces from Restoration Hardware that we wanted to repurpose, but since their black finish was chipping (the result of several moves), and the color didn’t fit as well with the ‘bright airy’ romantic feel, we whipped out the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and did a nice coat of wax to get everything back in action. This is a favorite trick we use often, especially if we don’t want to (or can’t) send a piece out for professional restoration & repainting.