beach tour #2: Foster Beach


When we committed to the Summer Beach Tour, one thing became ridiculously clear pretty early on: If we are going to do this, we’re gonna need some gear.

We are firm believers (more HERE) (and HERE) that every kid friendly outdoor activity is a ‘make-or-break’ situation that hinges entirely on procuring and employing the necessary ‘gear’. What do we mean, exactly? Well, we mean that most outdoor activities involving children- especially those activities which are located beyond our backyards or our familiar local parks- are going to be either an ‘expensive good time’, or an ‘expensive shitty time’, depending on whether or not we’ve got the right gear to get us through. Now, keep in mind: the expensive part isn’t limited to the excessive financial consequences (ie. buying lift tickets & lessons at a ski resort or flying across the country to hike). Often the most costly items are our dashed hopes and our crumbled dreams of creating lasting memories & experiences for our kids and family as a whole. Miserable kids, cold kids, hot kids, thirsty  kids, hungry kids, shoes that don’t feel good on the foot of a kid- these are all things that can lead to an expensive shitty time. Hence, investing in the proper gear.

(Sidenote: We will always do our best to list the physical ‘gear’ & items we brought with us on any given kid trip, plus any other tip or hack we found to make a kid activity successful!)


Once we decided to embark on a tour of multiple beaches, all with varying ‘accommodations’, we found that we needed to purchase the following gear in order to maximize the fun:  a pop-up beach tent, 2 beach blankets, 1 beach towel per person, a covered grocery pull cart from Whole Foods to pull everything, beach toys from Target, cornstarch to put on dry sandy feet just outside of the car in order to facilitate ‘sand removal’ and the usual beach items: sunscreen, bento boxes of snacks, Kleen Kanteens of ice cold water, a sports drink of choice for dehydration, beach hats for sun protection, rash guards, water shoes, change of clothes. Basically all of the things. Enjoy!

Best, N+K



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a very nice mom brought these…