monday must-haves!!! 4.30.18

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Helllloooo! We missed a few posts but we are so happy to be back at it! ***Full Disclosure: It’s all K+’s fault. N+ is the best and has been doing 110% of the work these past couple of weeks while K+ has done zero. Luckily, this friendship can survive anything.*** So, Happy Monday !!! We know it’s a little late in the day, but we couldn’t miss sharing one more of our Monday Must-Haves!!! In our upcoming posts this week, we will also catch up on all of the craziness that’s been going on the last few weeks. Let’s just say we are on the move! Not sure of all the exact details just yet, but it’s been a fun few months of travel and a lot of movement in a lot of areas. We are so happy that ‘Real Life’ is really busy. 

But let’s hop right to it and share our Monday Must-Haves for this week…

Best, N+K

N+ monday must-haveIMG_0028(HERE)

This stuff solves all of those common ‘these shoes are super cute but I can’t wear them’ and  ‘if I have to walk too far in these shoes’  types of problems.

It rubs onto the skin like a lip balm and you can pop it in your clutch for a reapply when needed, but it normally lasts me the whole night. The only time I’ve had to pull it out, is when I’m showing someone (who is complaining that they can’t stand the heels they are wearing) how it works!

You can try your shoes on and put this on wherever you think it might hurt, or I like to just put it all over my heel and on any parts in the front of my foot where the shoe touches! Trust me, it’s a miracle worker!

K+ monday must-haveE9008139-431C-4739-8A23-AC79214F37EA(HERE)

I usually wear Nike or New Balance shoes to the gym and I’ve been in a ‘black gym shoes only’ phase for a couple of years, so these definitely fit the bill when I wanted to add another pair of shoes to my gym shoe rotation. Super comfy, lightweight yet supportive and they match with most ALL of my black workout gear! These are probably the least expensive gym shoes I’ve bought, but I didn’t look at the prices when I tried them on (only tried on for fit & comfort) so it was a fun surprise to see they fit well and didn’t break the bank. I also wear these to run my mom errands, so I like how they look with my joggers too! Totally recommend!

N+ monday must-haveIMG_0027(HERE)

This is exactly what you need when you don’t have the magical blister stick I mentioned above! I love these because you can stick them on and forget about them for a couple days (NO, seriously they last). They cushion enough so that you can wear normal shoes without pain, but they’re thin enough that you forget you even have them on. These come in all different sizes and they even come in a size small enough for that annoying toe area that NO bandaid ever actually has stayed on/stuck to! 

K+ monday must-haveEE8B3300-418F-43C4-800C-1BC4EF400B44(HERE)

I love these wireless earphones for the gym! There are a million different brands and styles at a million different price points, but these are great & they’re not too expensive. I’ve never been a huge fan of wireless headphones or earphones before because, quite frankly, I can’t be concerned with charging one more damn device, but after CONSTANTLY losing/misplacing that little adaptor jack that came with my iPhone, I finally broke down & got these. They hold a charge for 6 hours and I keep the charger plugged into the USB port in my car so its always in the same place. I usually give them a quick charge on my way to & from the gym. I like that these are lightweight & don’t bang or bounce against my neck while I’m working out. They’re pretty weightless, not bothersome to wear & they sound pretty good!