4.9.18 monday must-haves!


Good Morning & welcome to another amazing week! N+K just finished an awesome family vacation in the beautiful but COLD city of London. We will blog about it (and all of the reasons it almost DIDN’T happen) soon!!! AAANNND- it’s snowing AGAIN in Chicago! On the plus side, nobody is experiencing allergy symptoms from Spring blossoms. On the minus side, we want to wear sundresses. Thank goodness we invested in a few winter coats this year- like this one (HERE) and this one (HERE)– because we are wearing the hell out of them!

This week, N+ is headed to a much warmer destination- which happens to be K+’s ABSOLUTE FAVORITE PLACE ON EARTH! A place where we hope to do a fun ‘girls trip’ in the near future- filled with visits to fabulous spas, fantastic restaurants and breath-taking scenery. This also happens to be a place where one of us left their heart nearly two decades ago. We are so excited to blog about N+’s trip when she returns. And we haven’t forgotten to post our recaps of the last 6 trips we just took, either- we’ve just been playing catch up, switching out our suitcases & had kiddos under the weather…several enemies of blogging efficiency!

What trip do you want us to post first? In the last two months, we’ve travelled to Tokyo, Iceland, Orlando (kid friendly), Miami (NOT kid friendly), London & the Middle East. Let us know what you want to hear about!

Best, N+K

N+ monday must-haveIMG_0033(HERE)

We say that we can’t wait for our kiddos to start school, but the second they are out of the house, (ok more like after we’ve enjoyed a cup of coffee and a target run in peace) we are missing them like crazy! When I saw this jewelry idea, I knew it would be good for both my kiddo & myself- a special little reminder of each other while we are apart. This little necklace may also help your child feel a little less nervous if you’re not together. I love this classic pearl set because I feel like a little one will never outgrow it, but you really could buy any two matching necklaces or bracelets to suit your tastes.

K+ monday must-haveIMG_0004(HERE)

If you are trying to cut out soda (or any ‘adult beverages’, really) this is a GREAT substitute! Nearly sugar-free, a little bit fizzy and a fantastic flavor! This Divine Grape is like a luxurious rendition of the Grape Soda, circa 1986. I love GT’s Brand Kombucha & have been a fan for a LONG time…hey, does anyone else remember way back in the day when a certain actress ALLEGEDLY claimed that her alcohol monitoring device ALLEGEDLY went off/detected alcohol due to Kombucha consumption and not because she was ALLEGEDLY drinking hard alcohol, ALLEGEDLY? (PS- our legal department insists we add allegedly a bunch so we don’t get sued, ALLEGEDLY.) OK, well, I remember it like it was yesterday and it was a sad time for me & for Whole Foods Market. When WFM was forced to pull ALL of the Kombucha off of their shelves (ALLEGEDLY due to the Government’s then newfound interest in the alcohol content of Kombucha) I tried my hardest to buy it on the black market (i.e. from some poor, unsuspecting stock boy, who was NOT at all interested in leaving a few cases of GT’s Raw Gingerade Kombucha next to the recycling dumpster behind the store). Thank you, government regulators and the genius’ at GT’s, for getting this product back on the shelves.

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I love lotions and have lots of different types laying all over the house.  This is a recent purchase and perfect for these colder months…we will get warm weather soon though,  RIGHT?!  Anyway, this product is thick and super hydrating. I love to use it as a hand cream, but my favorite way to use it is after I loofah in the shower (you know, for a good exfoliation) and  THEN slather this stuff on before bed. It has a nice light floral scent that will lull you to sleep, or at least keep you relaxed until that next yell of “MOM! I need water”…or “I need to go to the bathroom” , etc.

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I’ve been pretty committed to my morning workouts the last several months, but there isn’t quite enough time to shower afterwards AND get to preschool pickup. But, since I somehow still get breakouts in my 30’s, I was in need of a good, thorough facial cleansing option that was super quick and that I could swipe on at a red light, in downtown traffic or the carpool lane. I found these babies at Whole Foods in their beauty aisle and I LOVE THEM! Sulfate & Paraben free, plus they don’t make my skin feel stiff or greasy. I love these! (Side Note: Luckily, I had pretty good luck with my skin in my formative years- not a lot of issues in my tweens through my twenties.  I never had to deal with breakouts until my 30’s, post baby. Now I get a double benefit with my Retin-A prescription: anti acne AND anti wrinkle, so I shouldn’t complain.)