4.2.18 monday must-haves


Hello!!! We are so excited today because we are actually on a fun family vacation TOGETHER! As we’ve mentioned (HERE), we’re besties who live on opposite sides of the globe. Luckily, our husbands have been friends since they were little kids, so that makes hanging out with the families really easy. N+ (& her husband) introduced K+ to N+’s husband’s best friend. This is starting to look like an algebra equation, so we’ll just stop there, but to sum it up: N+K are loving life right now! We’re all having a great time and if you’ve had a chance to see our Instagram Stories (HERE), you’ve probably gotten a good look at our family vacation adventures this week. We’re going to blog all about our tips for this ‘kid friendly‘ trip & promise to include a few fun places for mom &/or dad to sneak off to. But, who the hell are we kidding? The other day, we totally encouraged our kids to hang with our husbands and we snuck out for shopping, chocolate & a visit to one of THE BEST BARS in the world. The curated cocktails here are amazing! We can’t wait to share the details with you!

By the way- CONGRATULATIONS to the winner of our earring giveaway! We hope you love our Earrings from @UrbanFarmgirlWi as much as we love ours! Be sure to send us a pic! We are planning a few more fun giveaways so be on the lookout! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Best, N+K

N+ Monday Must-HaveIMG_0029(HERE)
This is one of those items that I bought and quickly realized I should have pulled the trigger a long time ago. Lets just say this replaced my flat-iron from college and although I would like to think that wasn’t sooo long ago, IT WAS! Not only do you just need one swipe over your hair (which means less heat damage), but it heats up super fast for those last-minute crazy hair pieces (or in my case- that odd piece of fringe that doesn’t like to cooperate). Now, if only I could master curling my hair with it so that I can achieve those ‘lived in‘ beachy waves…I swear my hairdresser always makes that technique look SO easy- but IT’S NOT.

K+ Monday Must-HaveIMG_0049(HERE)

Oh, Jen Atkin. This product is amazing! I am not the ‘Dry Shampoo aficionado’ that N+ is (HERE), because I have super fine hair that I need to wash every day or else it looks gross. But this one is a game changer for the fine haired ladies (& men) everywhere. This stuff smells so good & freshens up my hair WITHOUT leaving a coating that weighs my fine hair down. I actually love it so much that I’ve been adding it the roots and then a quick spray to my CLEAN HAIR too! By midday, when my hair looks like it’s ‘over it’- I just flip my hair over, give it a little fluff & it’s good as new, as if the dry shampoo ‘reactivated’ my limp locks. It’s pretty crazy, but I’m addicted this stuff now. PS- it does NOT leave any white or colored powder residue in my hair- even on my roots. 

N+ Monday Must-HaveIMG_0030(HERE)
Quick Tip: I have learned in the past couple years (as I cannot do eye make AT ALL), if I have an event to attend, I simply go to the makeup counter and ask them to do my makeup for me. It will normally cost a small amount, but usually that cost can be credited towards your purchase if you choose to buy something and to be HONEST- there is always something that looks so good I need to buy it. That is how I found this brush! Lets just say I am more of a ‘use-my-fingers-to-put-on-my-makeup’ kinda gal, but this brush actually has made me a convert. It is super soft and works well with liquid and stick foundations. It feels like those brushes they use to put on masks during a facial (AHHHHH, heaven). It blends and evenly distributes the product to give you a great base so it is easier to then add your blush and bronzer… But really, most mornings we’re just happy to walk out of the door with foundation on!

K+ Monday Must-HaveIMG_0040(HERE)

So, I found this juice brand at the Whole Foods in Chicago a while ago, but it wasn’t until I was on an accidental ‘Mom Date’ with some fellow mom friends that I rediscovered it. This tastes sinful with a mix of almond milk, hazelnut, honey & sea salt, but I don’t feel shitty or have a sugar crash after I enjoy one. By the wayI may be lamebut I seriously think my new favorite activity is going to Whole Foods with a few other moms to do a quick grocery run for an hour while our kids are in their afternoon activities!