3.26.18 monday must-haves


Happy Monday! Anyone excited about Spring Break? Pretty sure most college kids were already out for Spring Break (that, or our babysitters are hiding from us! We miss you B+S!!! We’ve been commenting on B’s Instagram, like a stalker- “This looks amazing! Come home soon!” Yeah, we’re that crazy), but as moms to kids NOT in college, we are excited about some fun family vacationing, N+K style! We are doing a big family trip later this week, so wish us luck & we promise to get some good pics. We’re still planning the details, but we’re pretty sure we will tell our husbands we’re leaving for an hour and return 3 hours later with some new Monday Must-Haves. Update: husband just read this intro as I was typing and was like ‘wtf?’.

Best, N+K

N+ Monday Must-HaveIMG_0032(HERE)
I am SO bad about changing my jewelry! I wear my wedding rings ALL the time. I took them off to clean the other day, and honestly couldn’t remember the last time I had them off. Side note: I think they’ve made my finger skinnier since I always have them on… now if only I could do that to other parts of my body so easily. Guess maybe that’s like the whole idea with the waist trainer. Nevermind.
When I saw these earrings in a sparkly neutral, I knew I had to have them & so, I put them on my Christmas list. Yes, my Christmas List! (It’s still a thing for adults. Sometimes we just have to take things into our own hands!)
I have many other Kendra Scott pieces but seem to reach for these most often. The others dangle a bit more so I can’t just put them on and forget about them for a few days. Or, more honestly in my case, a few WEEKS!

K+ Monday Must-HaveIMG_0042(HERE)

OK, so three things:

  1. THIS SWEATER IS ON MAJOR SALE and is now only $40!!! It’s cold AF here in Chicago, so plenty of time to wear it. 
  2. I bought this a long time ago, before it went on sale (annoying, but I loved it. It’s from a brand where I can always find something amazing.). I’m really bad at Outfit Of The Day pics, so I’ve never posted it before. (I shop more than I should, so the least I could do is get better about sharing my finds.) #workingonit #justifymyhabit #honeyitsfortheblog #myhusbandcanteven
  3. I wear this with black leather leggings, black jeans or a faux leather pencil skirt. Usually with either Jimmy Choo Booties I posted about HERE, or the Jimmy Choo Shoes I posted about HERE.

N+ Monday Must HaveIMG_0031(HERE)
Another Christmas gift that I love! See what I mean? The adult Christmas List works! These are super comfy for everyday running around and look cute with a great pair of skinny jeans or a dress. Wedges are a great way to get that leg lengthening look of heels in a more everyday stable feel. Perfect for when you want to look cute and chase your kiddos around. We always love supporting a business that gives back- like Toms- so when we find something that is cute from a brand that is charitable, we buy it!

K+ Monday Must-HaveIMG_0041(HERE)

OK, TWO Things!

  2. I love the embroidery on these. They are definitely a Spring to Summer shoe and depending on the climate you live in, you can probably get even more wear than that out of them! They really dress up just about any denim & t-shirt combo (love)– so you look like you put in some effort. AAANNDD- with the chunky heel, you get a little height, plus a ton of comfort. Double bonus: Booties never make you feel fat.