3.19.18 monday must-haves


Good morning! Hope it was a fabulous weekend for everyone. We kept busy with the snow in the UK & the St. Patrick’s Day traffic in Chicago. (Check out our Instagram page HERE) Did you catch our recap of St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin, Ireland? (HERE).

We are excited to bring you the Monday Must-Haves today (more here) and also wanted to let you know that we really actually buy all of this stuff ourselves and only recommend the things we really, truly use.

This blog series (and blog itself (HERE)) is a manifestation of the texts and emails N+K would send to each other, talking about the amazing things we were buying & trying & loving & doing & seeing- so welcome to our craziness! We should probably do a podcast or vlog of our phone & FaceTime conversations, too! That would actually be pretty hilarious- between the kids, the husbands & dog interruptions. We always sneak in calls while we’re running errands, so it’s always like “hold on. I’m at the bus stop” or “I’ll call you back in 2 seconds, I’m at preschool pick up” or “oh shit! Sorry, I’m cooking dinner and spilled the whatever”. But we just pick up where we left off, and keep talking. Don’t you love a friendship like that?

Ok- enough about that. We hope you have a great day and enjoy today’s monday must-haves!

Best, N+K

N+ Must-HaveIMG_0016(HERE)
This stuff smells like a fancy Parisian cookie and is the perfect combo of a scrub and a moisturizer. It lasts forever as you only need a little bit. I received it as a present and have now given it to a couple friends. It’s the perfect gift for that person who has everything or someone who you are just stumped to buy for. Stick it with a candle and a magazine and you have the perfect self care package any woman would love.

K+ Must-HaveIMG_0006(HERE) (GOLD HERE)

I LOVE these shoes or booties or whatever you want to call them! They are comfortable, sexy and go from jeans to gowns. I’ve had these Choos for a while- they were love at first sight when I strolled by them at Saks– and I had to link them today because now they’re on sale! And if there isn’t a pair in your size, or if you prefer to have gold detailing on the ankle strap, I’ve included a link to those on sale as well. If you need a good heel that goes with a ton of different outfits, this is a good choice. Plus, they’re super easy to walk in and really supportive because they cover so much of your foot.


N+ Must-HaveIMG_0017(Lemon)(Lime)

First off, let me say the most important thing: DO NOT just use ANY oil & when ingesting, make sure to read the label and be sure that the directions are clear & that you understand how to use and dilute the product.
OK- now that the mommy in me got the warning out….I keep these in the house to mix with sparkling water for those times when I need something fizzy, as we try not to drink soda. Now, don’t get me wrong, a real coke and a snickers bar are like heaven to me- but seeing as I have no self control, those two things are not allowed in the grocery cart!

K+ Must-HaveIMG_0025(HERE)

Ok, so I’m having a bit of a vacation hangover and it may be contributing to my love of this product, but whether you’re going on vacation, or just want to feel like you’re on vacation, I recommend this little Target find! It’s definitely an amazing coconut smell, which always brings me back to vacation. And as someone with sensitive skin, this doesn’t bother me one bit! In general, I’m a huge fan of the Method brand products- they’re probably some of the first ‘natural’ store bought products I found- remember, like a million years ago when mostly everything else was crazy filled with chemicals??? The scents they carry are always pretty good, especially for cleaning products. When their hand soaps came out, I loved them. And now, with these NEW Body Washes, I totally had to sniff all of them like a weirdo, and trust me, this one is totally worth tossing into your cart.

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