3.12.18 monday must-haves


Well, hello stranger! We’ve missed you! It’s been a few days since we’ve posted because we’ve been on back to back to back travel (which we will post about soon) and cannot wait to share all of the great new stuff we found with our a.dose.of family! It’s been a really fun whirlwind of adventures and we are definitely not caught up yet. We just arrived home and the suitcases are still not unpacked (hello, laundry) because the kid schedules picked up right where they left off which means we had to quickly hit the ground running. Definitely no time to slowly ease back into things, more like a jet-lagged scramble… Today we will jump right in & share a few things that we love which make our travel/post travel lives easier. Enjoy! 

One super quick side note: we love our a.dose.of crew & since we travel the globe to bring you the best stuff we can find, we sometimes miss a few days of blogging. N + K actually do all of the blogging & social media- NOT with a big staff that makes our vision come to life like some other blogs- so we hope you can bear with us. more fun stuff is on the horizon, we promise! 

Best, N+K

N+ monday must-haves

IMG_0012I mean, I’m not sure I even need to write anything about these (HERE)! That grey sheet in the photo above started off as a pure white sheet. Now it’s completely grey. Do you see all of that dye that would normally be ON your clothes? I swear it keeps everything in my laundry brighter and more crisp. So if you have that stray red sock that ends up in your whites, it doesn’t make it all pink or if your hubby ‘who doesn’t believe in sorting things by color’ decides to throw a load in for you, your favorite white tee will be safe.
This is the UK brand and ‘Shout’ makes them in the USA. Love these!

K+ monday must-haveIMG_0023

So, N+ has amazing hair. It always looks amazing & shiny. She can have any haircut or wear any style and she looks great. She can even use the mini shampoos & conditioners that you get in your hotel! I can only dream of such a thing. My hair is fine & finicky. God help me if I’m not using an expensive salon brand…that was, of course, until I discovered this GENIUS- Kristin Ess!!! This KRISTIN ESS ‘THE ONE SIGNATURE SHAMPOO’ (HERE) & ‘THE ONE SIGNATURE CONDITIONER’ (HERE) work on nearly any and all hair colors & types. I get the same, if not better, results as when I use my expensive salon shampoo. My highlighted & color treated hair is shinier, softer & feels amazing ever since I started using this. You can ask Jessica, my amazing colorist. It’s only $10 at Target. We should will blog about all of the KRISTIN ESS products that we’ve tried. N & I are both hooked on this brand & we’re sure you will be too.

N+ monday must-haves

If you’ve followed us for awhile, then you know my obsession with these boots (HERE) and how I basically have convinced all of my friends and family that you NEED them. They are beyond comfy with or without socks and are a perforated leather, so they’re great in the summer with dresses. They have been my ‘go to shoe’ on countless trips around the globe, as I can run through airports like a hot mess to catch a flight while still looking cute….I mean we all have our ‘hot-mess-but-looks-cute’ moments right?!

K+ monday must-have


THIS IS MY FAVORITE! If you have blonde, white or grey hair, this is your new best friend. I have blonde hair- sometimes more white blonde, some times more ash blonde– but I really can’t stand it when it gets brassy or dull. Brassy is the enemy of blonde/grey/white hair, am I right? I’m convinced that my hair is a magnet for all of the minerals in the water, but this stuff is pure magic! It’s Sulfate-Free (yay), does not make my hair feel string-y, straw-like or greasy like many other purple shampoos and conditioners and it’s only $12. Here is my once or twice a week purple shampoo routine: First, I like to wash my hair with KRISTIN ESS ‘THE ONE SIGNATURE SHAMPOO’ (HERE) (that I mentioned above) and then I wash it with this KRISTIN ESS ‘PURPLE SHAMPOO’ (HERE), rinse & then follow it with KRISTIN ESS ‘PURPLE CONDITIONER’ (HERE) that I let soak in for 2 minutes. If I’m feeling like my hair is extra dry, after the Purple Conditioner sits for 2 minutes, I’ll add a dime sized dollop of the regular ‘THE ONE SIGNATURE CONDITIONER’ (HERE) to the ends for a few seconds before I rinse everything out.