3.5.18 monday must-haves


Good morning, beautiful! Let’s start our week off right with a few time tested, never fail monday must-haves!


N+ must-haveIMG_0020(HERE)
They might be small, but they pack a punch and they are perfect for travel so you can kick those online workouts up a notch. I like to have a longer one for stretching and a couple of the small ones (all different strengths) for all of the other exercises. It really is amazing how these bands can engage the muscles and make even the most simple body weight excercise harder. You can pick them up at any sporting goods store or even Target, but the ones we linked are for sure on our list of favorites: they are so cute and I mean, who doesn’t want a better booty!?! -N

K+ must-have

(Vanilla HERE)   (Chocolate HERE)   (BOTTLE HERE)

I’ve long been a fan of the Protein Shake & have tried many different brands over years. I like the shakes that you can:

1. just add water and ice, 2. taste decent 3. have minimal carbs & sugar

because, quite frankly, if I’m going to have carbs and sugar, I want it to be in something amazing and not ‘waste it’ on a protein shake. These taste good- use a little less water, tons of ice and get the Blender Bottle Brand (HERE). I’ve been a fan of the David Kirsch Wellness brand (HERE) for a long time and can probably live off of his supplements alone because they’re so good, but when I was pregnant, I wanted a plant based protein option without anything else in it because as a vegetarian, I was worried about how the hell I was going to get enough protein. N+ raved about the Vega One Shakes and we spent countless hours researching whether or not I could drink them when I was pregnant. (Important: Bring the Vega One label to your doctor & ask their opinion before you try it). I’ve been obsessed with these ever since & travel with them everywhere- in my purse, my gym bag, suitcase, etc. -K

N+ must-haveIMG_0021(HERE)
These are my getting sh$% done sneakers. You know those days when you go from drop-off, to dentist, to post office, to Starbucks, to Target, to pick-up and finally the multiple after-school activities that your children are in? These are beyond comfy and look super cute with a pair of black skinny jeans, rolled or cut at the ankles and your favorite tee. We are all about being practical and stylish over here at a.dose.of! -N

 K+ must-haveIMG_0009

(HERE)  (Also at Whole Foods)

I can not tell you how many different cleanses I’ve done over the years, but I can tell you which ones worked & which ones totally sucked. I like the Blue Print Cleanse overall, but I love this organic Pineapple Apple Mint. I don’t drink a lot of wine or alcohol- salt, syrup, sugar & booze (& mayo) don’t agree with me, they just turn me into a bloated, migraine induced hot mess- ask N+, so I like to have one of these instead. It tastes amazing- citrus & mint & a little bit sweet. If you need encouragement to start your day or week off healthy, start with one of these. -K