the best cheap & easy beauty fix to make you look refreshed for under $50


We love to share our favorite tips and tricks with you guys, but sometimes we get crazy and end up posting things like makeup free photos, pictures of our boobs hanging out (HERE) and other ‘less than aspirational’ situations. And today is one of those- getting into the nitty-gritty of the beauty regimen.

There is only one super cheap and easy, botox and filler free beauty fix that makes you look like you’ve had a facelift, and that is the eyebrow fix. Bad brows make the face look tired, asymmetrical and well, not it’s best. Let us start by saying this IS NOT a review of microblading, as we have yet to venture down the path of any permanent fixes, but it is about brow sculpting, shaping and tinting, which is all temporary, inexpensive, non invasive and pretty accessible.  N & K are all about it!

So in the name of ‘a dose of‘, we let our brows go…ok, truthfully, we were actually on a brow maintenance embargo/ threading recovery program for 6 months in order to eventually hopefully achieve that full, beautiful brow arch look at the end of 6 months. Sadly, while the brows did grow in a bit longer, the fullness wasn’t amazing and they looked like sad, naked caterpillars. It was definitely time for intervention. 

We found a brow specialist aka an esthetician who performs brow magic– and let her sculpt, shape and tint our brows until they were perfect little twins with face framing arches. Please follow along on the journey…

Best, N+K



The Sad Naked Caterpillar Brows. It was a little bit of a bummer to go 6 months and have this little regrowth


Post Sculpting & Shaping:

Here is what we had after the brows were trimmed, tweezed and waxed.


Brow Tinting & Shaping:

This is the scariest part (besides posting makeup free photos). The brow specialist applied a tint in the most careful manner so as to gently shape the brow as she tinted it. This stayed on for about an hour to soak in.


After Tint Removal:

This is a vast improvement from the ‘Before’ photo. There is an arch, more symmetry between to the brows (though no one’s face is perfectly symmetrical, so keep expectations in the realm of reality) and a fuller look, compared to what we started with.



This is a MAKE UP FREE PHOTO, but you can easily see that the brows are much more face framing than before, all for under $50 and 1 hour!