2.26.18 monday must-haves


Hello Monday! Wow. It seems like January dragged on forever, but February just FLEW by so quickly. So, N & I (K) have been traveling a bit (which you may have seen on our Instagram or IG Stories. If not, find us on social @a.dose.of ) and we have a bunch of fun stuff to post on the blog in the next few weeks. N+ was in Iceland, K+ was in Florida, N+ headed to Miami & K+ visited Asia.

And what will be the most amazing by far… we have a fun ‘Besties + Family’ trip to Europe on the horizon, so you better believe we will scoop up some our favorite items and share them here on a.dose.of!

It’s always a blast when we can get the husbands and the kiddos together for family vacations (HERE). It’s funny to think that our husband’s have been friends since elementary school. We’re pretty sure in all of those years, they’ve probably only said 1/4 of the words that N & K have said to each other. And most of those words have probably been on the golf course, talking about golf or sports or planning for retirement. And maybe how this little a.dose.of venture isn’t contributing to the retirement account. Try as we may, our husbands may never understand the value of a great handbag, but surely they do appreciate our dedication to a.dose.of. And with that, here are our Monday Must-Haves! 

Best, N+K

K+ must haveIMG_0011(HERE)
So this week I had to post my Instant Pot. I love this because it makes cooking a meal so fast & easy, the clean up is minimal & it’s amazing. Totally lives up to the hype. If you want to make dinner in less than 10 minutes- a protein, a vegetable, a starch– get this! It’s faster than ordering in or waiting for fast food and much healthier. I also use it to make yogurt & quinoa really, really quickly. I’m definitely not a gourmet chef, and I love how easy this is to use- literally just push a button and you have a great meal. I also heard from our AWESOME babysitter that I need to try a few Indian dishes in it. Wish me luck. I’ll have to blog that experience. -K

N+ top travel must-haves #1

These have been my go-to for almost 13 years. They use to be my ‘pick-me-up/I-stayed-out-way-too-late/ I-don’t-want-to-get-sick’ must have and then my ‘I-have-a-new-baby-and-am-getting-no-sleep-and-I-CAN’T-get-sick‘ must have and now they are dutifully handed out to the hubby and the kiddo after every flight we take or when I get that dreaded note from School about some sickness that is going around. They are good in hot or cold water, easy to just mix in a water bottle (hint: they fizz so drink some out of the bottle first before adding 🖤trust me I’ve learned that trick the hard way). These also come in a kid flavor with a smaller vitamin c dose.


N+ top travel must-haves#2

You have heard all about my dry shampoo addiction- if not look at the last Monday must-haves to read another fav 🖤 (HERE) – but this is the best for travel: lightweight and you never have to worry about any liquid or aerosol rules. It’s like a fancy version of the baby powder we all used before the dry shampoo idea startedothers did do that right?! I like to put some in my hands, rub together and tousle/comb through my hair- although you can also sprinkle it onto your hair straight from the bottle.
This is also a good one to keep in the gym bag when you just don’t have the time to wash your hair….again. others do that too, right?! -N

K+ must have

IMG_0007(Women’s HERE) (Men’s HERE)

After the whole ‘pre-natal vitamin’ period of my life- when I had crazy strong nails, my hair grew like a weed… and I was nauseous all the time- I began my quest for a good vitamin that would replicate those results without the queasy stomach. Oh, and patch up some much-needed deficiencies in my less than stellar eating situation #momlife. Prior to baby, I was a super healthy, gluten-free vegetarian with a well-balanced meal plan. After baby, I needed some help. I tried a million different brands and these are definitely the ones I like the most and am willing to shell out money for. I also bought the Men’s version for the husband (Full Disclosure: he read the name ‘performance energy for men’, proceeded to be highly insulted that I would even think he needs ‘performance energy’ but took them after I explained it was the only mens vitamin that the store had from this brand & it was NOT performance issue. Seriously, wtf. #mylife). So now the husband & I have matching vitamins & I think they’re amazing and worth a try. -K