2.19.18 monday must-haves


Good Morning! We are starting off the week with a few fun goodies that we wouldn’t want to live without. Let us know your monday must-haves, too! We never know what we might be missing.

Best, N+K

 N+ must-have


I am a dry shampoo addict and have about 10 different ones that I rotate (watch for my fav travel one in a couple weeks on the blog). Maybe it has to do with having bangs (or a fringe as they call it over here in London) but I seem
to go through cans fast. This is a great cheap version that works well and I always seem to keep going back to it even after I’ve tried the more expensive brands. I also really love the packaging and the different smells they have. Which one are you feeling? a.dose.of naughty or a.dose.of nice

N+K must-have


We aren’t usually into huge earrings. Well, ok, maybe it depends on the outfit, but we discovered these LEATHER earrings at Urban Farm Girl Wisconsin and HAD to have them. Look for these to be featured in a few #OOTN posts. We think these would be great to add to a plain LBD or t-shirt & jeans or with a neutral/grey/black sundress or…  -N+K

K+ must-have


A little something to warm you up! I am obsessed with tea. I love a variety but usually get hooked on two flavors at a time. I’m currently back to this white tea because I love the warmth from the ginger and the slight fruitiness from the peach. I drink one every morning on my way to the gym. It is a nice contrast to my other tea obsession, ‘Earl Grey’. -K

N+ must-have

I discovered this when I started having planter fasciitis…now, you are probably really realizing this blog is not written by 20 year olds, but hey, we promised to bring you the real stuff we love….it is perfect for digging into the sides of your legs and feet to loosen tight muscles and I swear it helped. BONUS: your kiddos might think this is super cool and give you a back massage with it!