N+ did a 5 day detox diet and lived to tell about it! gotta check out this hilarious & honest review of clean eating.


Let me start by saying I have no self-control. K on the other hand, can detox and go on a protein shake “diet” like no other.  Nope- not me! I like WINE, coffee and chocolate way too much, so to commit to 5 days with NONE of those things and actually stick to it is a BIG deal. This is the first time I have finished what I started with a detox-cleanse-diet and over the 5 days I discovered the 2 reasons why I didn’t cheat.


First, I found a program that let me eat FOOD (none of this “have 2 protein shakes, no snacks and a small supper” nonsense).  I have tried those in the past and can’t make it past day 2.  This program was all about real food and eliminating the “bad” stuff for 5 days to give your body a reset.


Second, I completed the five days with a health coach and a GROUP.  This gave me accountability….mental strength…I needed to NOT end my day with my regular wine and chocolate combo.  I am a people pleaser, so when I am doing something as a group I tend to do WAY better than just going at it on my own.  I can talk myself into or out of most things in life –super helpful if I am trying to buy new shoes- not so helpful when I am trying to not have wine!


With this group, we received a handbook with recipes and guidance. You can also have a call before you start the detox that will go over the expectations and also give you a chance to ask questions. On top of these things, we had a private Facebook group and daily emails where we could ask questions and talk about how it was going…Or for like the first 2 days how we all REALLY wanted coffee! Another bonus was living close to the health coach. I used her ‘option’ to have some of the food made for me each day, which again really helped with accountability. Although this option was super nice to have, with a good meal prep right before you start and again on day 3, you will have no problems making all of the yummy food choices on your own.


Over the 5 days I for sure had a “no coffee” headache and missed my wine and chocolate, but by day 4 I was feeling lighterya know, like not eating pasta before you go to bed lighter. The bonus was I actually did lose weight. But even more importantly, I mentally knew I COULD do it and not give in to the cravings, which in my book is WAY more important than the number on the scale.

If you are interested in the next detox group or any nutritional coaching, here is the contact information for the Health Coach that we worked with. Feel free to tell her we sent you her way!

Elfriede Burits

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


Best, N+K