monday must-haves 2.12.18


Good Morning! Hope the weekend was amazing! We thought we’d start our week off with a little Valentine’s Day cheer & bust out a few of our favorite pink items for today’s Monday Must-Haves. Enjoy!

Best, N+K

(PHOTOS & DESCRIPTIONS are linked so CLICK for more info!)

N+ Must-HaveIMG_0989

Pretty sure this needs no explanation! Available in stores only. If anyone finds the ALL MATTE BLACK one, in the large size, please let us know in comments or FB, IG, Tweet us, Pin it… -N

N+K Must Have IMG_0897(LEFT).(RIGHT)

If N+K were 100% natural lipsticks, we’d be these. Can you guess who’s who? Allure Magazine thinks they’re pretty great too & gave them a beauty award. -N+K

K+ Must HaveIMG_1159


I love this brand and this particular style- (similar to the Rosa’s we blogged about HERE)– I think they’re a great purchase every time, but I stole borrowed these from my mom. She bought a pair in pink and a pair in green, and made the mistake of telling me about them. I sent her this photo earlier today and she totally forgot they were hers. She has great taste, tons of shoes and tiny little Cinderella sized feet, but as they say, if the shoe fits… -K

(ps-I always return what I borrow & always gift her fabulous finds, too)

N+ Must-HaveIMG_0988

I like to make our meals (and meal delivery service) a little more fancy, so I use a grater to sprinkle these pink salt crystals over the top of the dishes, instead of your usual salt shaker. Adds a little pizzazz to your weekly at-home dinners. -N

Have a fun Valentine’s week!