simple travel tips: where to stay, what to do & where to eat in Stockholm, Sweden


DESTINATION: Stockholm, Sweden

TRAVEL NOTES: We’ve all heard of the Danish word, Hygge, translated in many ways to essentially encompass a happy coziness. (Swoon!) Similarly, we found during our travels to Sweden that they have a word, Lagom, widely translated as “in moderation”, “in balance” or “perfect-simple” and plenteous in practice during our short stay.

The everyday vibe seemed to be a bit more relaxed, a real ‘live in the moment’ feel and in whole, left us with both a desire to buy white paper pendant lights for the entirety of our home and to breathe in the moment.

So, take a minute, find a comfortable seat and enjoy our tour of Stockholm below.

Best, N+K


IMG_0984The Nobis Hotel (MORE HERE)

It’s like staying at the home of your super-stylish-minimalist Swedish friend, the one we all want to have. The flowers, furniture, toiletries and THE LIGHTS (HERE) (HERE) were all simple and stunning.








IMG_1000BREAKFAST: Wiener(HERE) – Amazing pastries and coffee

LUNCH: Österlånggatan 17 (HERE) – Nice local restaurant, great food at reasonable prices

IMG_0991DINNER: Bar Prinsen (HERE)– Perfect place to eat traditional Swedish food, where the meatballs are better than Ikea’s(HERE). We promise!IMG_0992


Lots of free museums, and some even right around the corner from the hotel. We loved the Hallwyl Collection (HERE). A palace in the middle of the city takes you back 100 years!




IMG_1001Visit Gamla Stan (HERE), an old town where the Royal Palace is located. Pretty place to walk around. The church and buildings are gorgeous!

IMG_0999There are plenty of tours to take, including one on a boat which we unfortunately could not fit in, but will definitely schedule on our next trip.IMG_0998

IMG_0994The best window shopping is right around the corner from the hotel



The lights in Stockholm were amazing at every turn- maybe because part of the year it’s dark by 3 in the afternoon– but honestly the coziness of it all made us just want to relax with a glass of wine and a good book.

IMG_1002Don’t Forget a Souvenir Dalecarlian Horse

If you get a chance to visit this beautiful city, please don’t pass it up!