monday must-haves 2.5.18

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Happy Monday! Here are our must-have picks for this week!

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Best, N+K

N+K Must-HaveIMG_1071(HERE) (NEED) (ALSO) (LOVE/Lightweight)

We both LOVE this perfume. Let’s start by saying K+ was gifted this fragrance by an old college boyfriend back in the day…way back…like before she was married…either time.  He had to go, but the fragrance stayed. It’s one of those that melt right into your skin, in a delicate, but not overpowering way. Men love it. And so do the ladies. Even N+ fell in love with it after she caught a wiff. She was like “You smell amazing! WHAT are you wearing???”…Now SHE smells amazing too!!!

Two lessons can be learned from this:

1) In the wise words of Kenny Rogers, Don’t fall in love with a dreamer-

2) But if you do, keep the gifts.

N+K Must-HaveIMG_1078

So we’ve both had one of these F_O_R_E_V_E_R! Don’t want to bring a purse? Just need an ID, credit card & keys? This is so perfect for when you need to go super-minimal. It’s also nearly indestructible!

K+ Must-HaveIMG_1057

(International & US HERE) (CORUS45 CLEVELAND) (LA)

Pre-baby, K+ had a 5x/week hot yoga addiction, 2X/week pilates reformer habit & snuck in an hour of cardio every night before bed. Then a tough pregnancy derailed all of it. Even better, the most beautiful, nearly 10 lb baby decided to stay inside an extra 2 weeks past his due date and totally messed up the place. Just like that, the hard earned ‘nice ass’ was gone. THIS IS WHAT IS HAPPENING TO GET IT BACK! We will link to the main website, but google it along with the name of your city to find local studios. It’s freaky how fast & effective this is. Hard AF. We highly recommend it!

N+ Must-HaveIMG_0024

Have you seen N+’s amazing super simple smoothie bowl ideas (HERE)? They’re simple, realistic & quick! She LOVES this one particular ingredient and totally thinks it’s helping the cause. N+ will add this to pretty much anything ‘smoothie’ related and probably has a few ideas for other healthy treats. She is all about the balance and making great food choices! Here is a good place to start.