vintage style painted mirror for Valentine’s Day

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SO, we need to confess: when it comes to the holiday decor, we UNDER do it. Despite the fact that our homes are dressed in fairly neutral tones of creams, whites and grey, we just can’t always make the various holiday color schemes work (we’re looking at you Halloween, Christmas & Valentine’s Day) and usually go with a more ‘restrained’ vibe. But we have kids, and admittedly it wouldn’t kill us to put in a smidge more effort. So for a super simple way to add a little Valentine’s Day cheer this year, try adding a little nostalgia with our free handmade card templates (HERE) and bust out the paint to create a cute vintage style painted mirror!  

Best, N+K


  1. Any framed mirror of your choice (our’s was on sale at Marshall’s)
  2. Grab some Martha Stewart Glass Paint from the craft store (HERE)
  3. Grab a few small artist’s paint brushes (HERE)
  4. Get a metallic oil based Sharpie or two (HERE)


1. Google ‘vintage store signs’ or copy ours.


2. Decide on a cute little quote or saying. We went with a Valentine’s Day-ish vintage store slogan “WE HAVE 100% PURE CRAZY LOVE. Cute, right?

3. Make a template of your mirror size and sketch out your design

4. Use the lightest metallic Sharpie to write/draw your design onto the front of the mirror.

5. Once metallic Sharpie is dry, use the lightest Glass Paint color & paint over the Sharpie. Make sure the paint stays smooth by using thin, even coats & letting them dry in between.

6. Use whatever other paint colors you like, working from lightest to darkest.



7. Once dry, outline design in the darkest color of metallic Sharpie

8. To make it appear as if the metallic Sharpie is embedded in the glass, apply one final coat of paint, using the lightest color glass paint

9. Let Dry & Enjoy!