design lust: eclectic baby nursery in Vail, Colorado


It’s no secret that here at a.dose.of we are completely obsessed with design & renovation (more HERE) and get crazy excited when we stumble upon the lust worthy designs of others, including this amazing & eclectic baby nursery in Vail, Colorado! When we first saw photos of this space we were blown away and knew we wanted to feature it in our very first ‘Design Lust Series’a spotlight for other’s unique, creative & well executed use of space. We love to see what inspires them, how they tackle design challenges, layout limitations and how they express their own style, all at a variety of price points.

Every lust worthy room has a great story, and this one will make your heart happy.  

Let me start by saying Rebecca is gorgeous and has AMAZING style, so I’m not surprised it translated into a great nursery! Rebecca’s style is best described as ‘Boho Chic’, while her husband, George, is more ‘mountain inspired’ and they are the quintessentially cool couple. We had to ask, and found that when it comes to parenting, Rebecca is the nervous one & George is always calm– the perfect combination. Their new daughter, Marley Mae, is one super cute and lucky kid. This Colorado family loves to go on adventures with their new baby and you can totally check them out on Instagram @rebeccabrinn.

Best, N+K

all of the Design Lust details:


a.d.o: Was there an overall vibe that you were going for from the start or did things come together organically as you collected pieces? 

Rebecca: The mountains and outdoors are important to my husband, so I wanted to include elements of that as much as I could. My sister has a big buffalo print in her house that I love, so I started searching Etsy for images and came across the big B&W buffalo print, which was the main piece I then wanted on my gallery wall above her crib. From there Etsy was a great source for a lot – her mountains pillow, the mountain mobile, etc.   (a.d.o: A few of our nursery favorites were found on Etsy too!) 




a.d.o: We love the rug & know it was an important starting point. Can you tell us about the significance?

George’s grandmom is 105 years old and living in New Hampshire. They bought a farm there when they left Sweden to come to the US, so George wanted to incorporate a piece of that in our house and when we found out I was pregnant we said it would be great for a nursery, and it would fit whether we had a boy or girl. I decided to incorporate black and white accents with it because we didn’t know the sex of the baby when I started decorating.   (a.d.o: So cool to have an heirloom piece in the room.)



a.d.o: Can you tell us about the changing table & dresser? I hear your husband made it!

The room is not big as you can see, so I had small spaces to work with. The only real area that made sense for the changing table was not wide, and every changing table/dresser I liked online would not fit the space. Ever since we moved to Colorado, my husband has gotten into building things and he offered to try to make me a custom piece. There is even a door that stores the diaper pail! Brilliant man ☺.  (a.d.o: We agree!)



a.d.o: What are a few of your favorite pieces in the room?

My parents bought us our crib as a baby gift and I love it. The drawer on the bottom makes it different from any other cribs I had seen. It is a Babyletto (HERE). I didn’t want to be too “matchy” which is how we ended up with a rocker (I am tall, so this Baby Relax (HERE) is perfect for me, and my husband loves it too) and the random ottoman (HERE) I found at Target. The piece above the changing table I bought almost 3 years ago at a flea market – before we were engaged, married, or pregnant and told my husband it was for my future nursery. I love quotes, and fell in love with the words, hand written script and wood frame.   (a.d.o: We are fans of your eclectic style. It all mixes together so well!)




Also, the one wall hanging from my sister. I have no clue where she got it but it’s a picture of the night sky on the night (Marley) was born.

(a.d.o: Update! Your sister reached out and told us she bought the custom Night Sky Print HERE!)


a.d.o: Anything you think is a ‘must have’ product?

My night-light/sound machine from my sister is the best. You control it from your phone and it has so many colors and sound options, cool settings, and will be used for years to come! Hatch Baby Rest (HERE)


Definitely a design we lust after…