monday must-haves 1.29.18


Happy Monday! We are back with our Monday Must-Haves & we are doing it a little differently today by breaking out this week’s picks so that you can see exactly what N & I (actually, I’m ‘K’) each chose. But WHY?

If you haven’t read our story, isn’t your typical blog (read more about that HERE).

  • First, we run a.dose.of together as a team (BESTIES!) despite living oceans apart.
  • Second, we aren’t all bikini body, sexy husbands & kid photos (you’re welcome!).
  • We may be 22 in our hearts and our souls, but technically we are not 22 in actual, real chronological years.
  • We’re moms striving to get back the ‘pre-baby bods’ in between living our best life ever.
  • We have cute kids who we love to the moon & back, but this blog is more sans kid photos.
  • and though we do have sexy husbands (who’ve been friends since they were little kids), they’re pretty camera-shy.
  • We like to share the simple & realistic ways we get shit done- kid travel (HERE), black tie dress codes (HERE), major design & construction (HERE & HERE).

Yes, we lack in aspirational swimwear shots & idyllic kid pics, but we DO take some amazing trips, buy some great shoes, do a ton of kid activities (HERE), try a million different ways to tighten our abs & keep our asses from sagging, buy way too many beauty products (HERE) & never met a house we didn’t renovate- all of which we want to share with you. And so, we snap tons of photos of the many things we’ve come to love on our travels. Some are luxe (HERE), some are definitely not (HERE), but the expeditions to find them have absolutely been priceless. Most of all, we would love for you to follow along & enjoy the journey with us.

And with that, here are our Monday Must-Haves!

(Click on photos for more product info)

Best, N+K

N+ Must-HaveIMG_0939This is the only nail polish that I have ever owned & actually used nearly the entire bottle. I mean- come on– how many of us have a drawer filled with ‘barely-used’ polish? This stuff gives your nails the look of a light French mani and dries speedy fast. Perfect for all of those times when you are running out the door only to realize your nails look like sh$&.   -N

K+ Must-HaveIMG_0963After too many years in yoga pants (when not actually working out) and the half-step up known as leggings, I struggled to enjoy jeans for the most casual of events -such as carpool pickup. I was happy to squeeze into ‘fancy’ jeans & heels for date night, but carpool? Ummm. No. And then the genius that is Khloe Kardashian started Good American. Laugh if you want to, but these are amazing, comfortable, make the ass look surprisingly good (see embarrassing photo) & I’ve worn them a ton. This cut & style is perfect. You need these. PS- order them 2 sizes smaller than your regular size. They are sold in sizes 00-24.   -K

N+ Must-Have

IMG_0938I discovered this in a French pharmacy years ago and have been a cult follower ever since. Luckily, now you don’t need a plane ticket to find it. Although, if you are ever in France, don’t pass up a trip to the Pharmacy. Sidenote: K and I may have left one of our hubby’s with ALL of our kiddos while we “quickly” ran into said pharmacy! (Read Here). This is the perfect winter moisturizer. It’s also great after a treatment, since it is gentle and is the best to slather on when traveling. Plus the old school metal packaging looks fab on your bathroom counter.   -N

K+ Must-Have

IMG_0964Yes, N & I LOVE the pharmacies and several items always find their way back to the States. Having my bestie living in Europe is a super bonus in the beauty department. This is the best micellaire water I’ve ever used. I have super sensitive skin, but this non rinsing formula never irritates my eyes or skin & works great- even to remove my waterproof makeup & mascara. (I’ll post my favorite make-up setting spray soon).   -K