simple handmade Valentine’s Day cards & treats with free templates


According to legend, Valentine’s Day cards and treats were once handmade by Europeans during the Victorian period. We LOVE this holiday- (hello there box of chocolates!)– and in an attempt to bring a little nostalgia back this year, we have a few simple handmade Valentine’s Day card & treat ideas that are totally worth the time & effort, especially since we have included 2 FREE templates you can download and print on your standard letter sized Cardstock! These work great for tots, tweens, teens, twenties & those of us who are ‘twenty’ at heart. 

Best, N+K

80’s Throwback Cards & FREE template download


We LOVE the movie Top Gun & in one of the final scenes, ‘Iceman’ says to ‘Maverick’ “You can be my wingman anytime.”  Iconic. How is it that we have never seen this on a Valentine’s Day card before???

All you need for this simple card is:


‘You Rule!’ Valentine’s Day Treat


This treat is super cute and SUPER simple and perfect for your child to give to the class!

All you need for this simple treat is:

Pom Pom Valentine’s Day Cards


We LOVE pom poms almost as much as we love glitter. You can easily craft these cards with even the youngest of kiddos if you use school glue instead of hot glue.

All you need for this simple card is:


LoveBug Valentine’s Day Cards & FREE Template Download


This is a cute card & treat in one. The plastic bugs we used are from Target in store only (but on Amazon here) and sold in a pack of 60 which is definitely more than we need. Plenty left over to play with! These TOOB Brand Insects (BUY HERE) would be great as well. We’ve used them for other projects in the past. They are also found at Michael’s Craft Stores in the US.

All you need for this simple card is:


Pom Pom Pencil Treats


WE TOLD YOU WE LOVED POM POMS!!! This idea came from one of our creative kiddos so we just HAD to use it. And she was right. It’s amazing!

All you need for this simple treat is: