simple ideas for sleepovers


We LOVE when our kids want to hang out at home and are always happy to host their friends, so when our tween kiddo wanted to have friends sleepover we of course obliged.  After texting with parents, coordinating logistics and triple confirming that nobody had any allergies that we needed to be aware of, it was time to plan a few fun activities for what was (for the rest of the week) referred to as “THE SLEEPOVER”. Luckily we were able to reach far back into the memory bank for ideas. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any ‘Lisa Frank’ unicorn emblazoned, holographic items, but I did scoop up a few things:


Stickers with all the fun stuff.



Make-Your-Own Candy Bento Box. This is a winner every time. We bought a variety of candy, a cute ‘bead organizing’ container & tons of stickers. We are not huge fans of kids over doing it with candy, but this was “THE SLEEPOVER”.


Couldn’t leave the little one out of the fun, so for that Candy Bento Box we went with the favorite animal of the week, dinosaurs.



We picked up some fun glitter slime because these kids like slime.


IMG_0529 These glittery bottles looked like a fun way to encourage drinking water after eating candy. 



Tiger Sheet Masks. Super Cute!



Pom Pom Slippers & Netflix for the win.



 The kiddos made a makeshift camp area in the family room with all of the blankets in the house. The sleeping bags I had set out were just not as fun as rearranging all of the furniture and indoor camping.



Homemade Blueberry Muffins for Breakfast.



Homemade Gluten Free Cornbread with Blueberries.



Woke up to this sunny, snowy morning view.

It was fun to host a great group at our house and to encourage our kiddo to grow such awesome friendships. And if anyone knows the team behind the ‘Lisa Frank’ brand, circa 1988, we could use a reboot of the glittery rainbow unicorn merch for the next get together!

Best, N+K