Heck Yeah, 2018! Let’s Make It Awesome!

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We’re not sure what’s going on, but we are genuinely, naturally, SUPER excited for 2018. Maybe it’s because we’re getting older and can appreciate that time is fleeting or maybe it’s just because we stopped giving a F*ck that we’re getting older and we really do want to squeeze every bit of good out of life. Either way, 2018- here we come!

Despite the fact that we are writing this post at 10pm from an Urgent Care facility that we had to stop at because a kiddo got wheezy while on a weekend road trip, we are still stoked for the year ahead. This year we have some fun travels planned, a few creative ventures to pursue and have made health and wellness a top priority. That appointment to get my eyes checked that I’ve been putting off and rescheduling for 3 years? Got it on the calendar and I’m really going to go to it! Scheduling time to workout? Yep! Like a committed, ACTUAL, guilt-free time! Kiddo allergy and asthma issues that we chased around like crazy last year? We have a PROACTIVE plan in place, we’ve rid ourselves of the allergens as much as humanly possible and like many parents, we are shameless when it comes to doing what is best for our kids. We’ve upped our game, dedicated ourselves to enjoying the ride and hope to face the inevitable adversity and challenges of the upcoming year with strength and resolve. And before we go crazy with all of our New Year’s posts and pictures, here is a quick wrap up of our holiday season!

Best, N+K

Windsor Castle at the Holiday 


Decorations & Parties at the Clubs


Deer Visit Grandma’s House


The Ritz


Pantomime & Operas


Favorite Small Towns


Traveling to Catch a Ball Game


Museum of Science & Industry


Field Museum



All of The Holiday Things:

Gingerbread Houses, Alvin & The Chipmunks Christmas Album in the Car (on Repeat…For 2 Whole Months), Homemade Gluten Free Cookies, Holiday Lights, Stealing the Cool Presents from the Kids, Making Crafts over the Super Long School Break, Brunch with Friends, Winter Snow Tubing, Hallmark & 24 Movies