the best heartfelt holiday hostess gift ideas


The holidays and the holiday soirees are upon us! So while the dinner party hosts have been busting their a$$ getting ready- preparing the menu, hiding the kid shit & stocking the bar– let’s rethink RE-gifting that tired candle that has been passed around for the last 3 years and accept that it’s time for us to step up our hostess gifting game. With a tiny bit of effort, you can turn your standard issue hostess gift into something thoughtful, heartfelt & much appreciated.

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Candy Bento Box

We made this one by lining the bottom of a bamboo drawer organizer with parchment paper and filled it with Godiva Chocolates, Ghiradelli Peppermint Bark, several stacks of gourmet Chocolate Bars & Candy Canes. For a finishing touch, we added holiday candy sprinkles to hide the parchment paper. This would be great with dried fruits & nuts if nobody is allergic or a variety of hard & chewy candy instead.



Flowers & Pitcher 

We love to give fresh flowers but it’s SO much better to present them in a nice pitcher that the host can use time and again. Bonus- there will be no rushing around to find a vase in the back of the cabinet (hidden behind six other things) when they’re trying to greet guests & keep the hor d’ouevres hot! *DO NOT ADD FLOWER FOOD TO THE WATER



Wine & Wine Stopper

Wine is always a winner, but adding a nice Wine Stopper to the gift just gives it a little something extra! Plus, who ever buys these for themselves?



Cake Stand & Breakfast Pastries

After all of the preparing and hosting and greeting, the hostess deserves to have an easy, breezy morning. Help make that happen by bringing breakfast pastries on a cute cake stand to the soiree the night before. They will be free to enjoy their morning in pajamas, drinking coffee & noshing on scones, while recapping the events of last night,



Pretty Tea Cup & Accompaniments

This dainty tea cup & saucer is pretty & vibrant. Pair it with a canister of tea and a little fancy honey for the hostess with the most-ess!



Destination Coffee Table Book

Maybe it’s just us, but we are always into a great coffee table book, especially if it pertains to a place we just visited or a locale that is on our bucket list. If you know the host just had an amazing vacation, or is dreaming of a destination, this is the gift to give!



Cookbook & Simple Cooking Ware

If you know the host well enough, you know whether they are into cooking, or just cook so their family survives. A cookbook of simple recipes and a simple correlating piece of cookware is something the host can use forever.



The Healthier Candy Jar

When the host is sweating the holidays and trying to keep their hand out of the cookie jar all season, do them a favor and bring a pretty jar that matches their style, filled with delicious protein bars. We know it sounds crazy, but these Think Thin Bars are low sugar, high in protein, amazingly tasty and get us through the sweet cravings. (We actually keep this jar & these bars on the counter year round).   



Jade Plant & Vintage Saucer Plate

A Jade Plant is said to be symbolic of wealth, prosperity, renewal, growth and luck. Being a succulent, they are hearty and we have had success in easily keeping them alive. Adding a vintage saucer plate from your favorite antique shop, flea market or second hand store makes this a super thoughtful and budget friendly hostess gift.



Kid Friendly Play-Doh & Fun Placemats

Kids LOVE Play-Doh. While you may think ‘OMG, my friend will hate me if I bring Play-Doh’, consider that this pretty much guarantees to occupy at least 30-45 minutes of a kiddo’s attention, either AT the party or the morning AFTER, when parents are desperate to sleep in a little longer. The fun placemats are just a little insurance so that nobody has to scrub the Play-Doh out of the carpet. This is a Budget Friendly gift with a great ROI.



Budget Babes:

Handmade Candle with Wooden Wick & Signature Scent

For the crafty mommas & papas, this Handmade Candle with Wooden Wick is a super easy, budget friendly hostess gift. By using this awesome wax and any of these scents from Bulk Apothecary, you can make as many custom scented candles as you’d like. If you would like us to post our simple candle tutorial, please comment on the blog or on our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!

Here’s to upping the gift game and showing your host how thankful you are for the invite. Let us know if you try any of these ideas & if you send us a pic, we will post it!

Best, N+K