super simple smoothie bowls

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Raise your hand if you love the idea of trying being super healthy but totally hate the idea of cleaning a blender. Perfect! That makes it, let me see, one, two…all of us! It’s just such a pain in the ass. So, in our quest to start our over-scheduled (yet amazing) days on a healthy note, we devised the lazy super simple smoothie bowl for an attainable, no measuring, blender free experience.

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simple steps:

Start with plain Greek Yogurt, about a cup. We measured one time, and now we just eye-ball it when we spoon it into a small bowl.


Mix in a serving size of your favorite protein powder. We love Vital Proteins at the moment, as it dissolves easily and it claims you get a little bonus of collagen and quite frankly, we will do almost anything for nice hair and nails.


Once the yogurt and protein is all mixed up, add in any superfoods you desire. We like to toss in Moon Juice (as we’ve posted on our IG) depending on the day. It is usually a rotation of Brain Dust, Sex Dust or Beauty Dust. We are not sure they have actual magical powers, but just in case…


Top off your smoothie bowl with any of your favorite toppings to make it look pretty enough to post, or if you’re like us, throw it all in and STIR.IT.UP before your kiddo trashes the other room.

Topping ideas include fruit, chia seeds, hemp seeds, a bit of flax, bee pollen, cacao nibs and even nut butter or Nutella if you are just having one of those days.

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

Moon Juice. Brain. Sex. Beauty.

Best, N+K